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Date:  April 24, 2020

Location:  Lakeland Correctional Facility
141 1st St, Coldwater, MI 49036

Time:  9a - 3p


AtRisk Jimmy 


Motivating At-Risk Youth in Your Program
Concepts to Ensure Success

Unsurpassed teaching practices

  • Chef Jimmy Hill leads our conversation on giving a second chance through his teaching of discipline, respect, and leadership.

No prejudice in prison food

  • Lakeland corrections Facility has a diverse population. Chef Jimmy Hill will teach us how racial differences have a different weight on the inside and how navigating differences is a learned skill.

    “If you put up a good plate and it tastes good, someone wants to know who made that and they don’t care what their race is.”
    ~Terrance Wallace (04-07)

30+ years of soul food

  • Chef Jimmy Hill will communicate the techniques he’s used over the past 30+ years to coach and encourage inmates to learn that investing in themselves and taking full advantage of every opportunity before and after recidivism is key to finding success in the culinary industry and the only way to avoid repeat criminal charges.

    “Treat them like humans and they will act like humans.”

    ~Chef Jimmy Hill


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